Designed for a variety of industries, this course provides training for employees that have access to customer information.

The Red Flags Rule implements section 114 and 315 of the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act of 2003 (FACTA). Full text of the rule is available from the Federal Trade Commission web site.

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FACTA Identity Theft Red Flags Training Modules

We have a variety of modules available and can write custom modules to meet any need.

  •  What is the Red Flags Rule
  • ID Theft
  • Creditors and Covered Accounts
  • Your Red Flags Program
  • Detecting Red Flags
  • Consumer Reporting Agencies
  • Suspicious Documents
  • Suspicious Personal Information
  • Suspicious Account Activity
  •  Notices from Customers or Victims
  •  Responding to Red Flags
  • Quiz